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Would Improving the Yard Help Your House Sell Faster?

When prospective buyers come to look at a house, the first thing they notice is its curb appeal. A house with a well-maintained yard makes a positive initial impression, but one that’s been neglected can make people instantly decide to pass. Buyers will think that if the owners didn’t take care of the landscaping, they probably also neglected important maintenance inside the house. Before you put your home on the market, take some time to clean up the yard so that you can quickly attract a buyer.

Spruce Up the Landscaping
Pruning trees and shrubs can easily take a backseat to more pressing concerns, but overgrown bushes and trees with dead limbs will immediately give buyers a negative impression. If you don’t know how to prune trees and bushes, or don’t have the time, hire a...

Should You Install a Home Security System?

Break-ins occur every day across the U.S., resulting in property damage, theft and, in some cases, injuries. The unfortunate reality is that anyone can become a victim; however, studies have found that criminals are much less likely to target homes with security systems.

Reasons to Get a Home Security System
Installing a security system could give you peace of mind. You would know that your home was protected, whether you were there or not, and that the police would be alerted if someone tried to break in.

A security system could also save you money. If thieves broke into your home and stole valuables, your homeowners insurance policy would cover the losses, but you would still have to pay a deductible, which could be several hundred dollars or more. If a laptop that contained financial...

Pros and Cons of Choosing a House With a Master Suite

A house with a master suite is a dream for many. A large bedroom, private bathroom and other amenities can be an oasis for stressed-out homeowners to escape and relax. However, a master suite can also be expensive—and may or may not attract buyers in the future.

Features of a Master Suite
The term “master suite” can mean many different things. In some cases, it simply refers to a large bedroom with spacious walk-in closets and a large, attached, private bathroom. Master bathrooms are typically much more elaborate than typical bathrooms. Homeowners frequently choose showers with massaging jets, hot tubs, side-by-side sinks and more expensive wall and flooring materials than those generally used in bathrooms.

Some people use part of a master suite as an entertainment area with...

Challenges to Know Before Buying a Historic Home

Moving into a historic home can be enchanting. Full of charm and features that are hard to find in modern house, a home that’s 100 years old or so can be a wonderful place to live.

But that “character” can get expensive if the ornate fixtures break and need to be repaired or replaced, and old heating, electrical, plumbing and other systems can be costly to maintain and fix.

All homes require some regular upkeep, but a historic home that hasn’t been updated in decades may need much more maintenance to keep running. Furthermore, operating the outdated technology could mean higher utility bills. Buying a new, more efficient heating unit, for example, could save you money in the long run.

A home inspector can help you determine which areas...

What to Know About Seller Concessions

Buying a home can be an expensive proposition for everyone involved. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or trading up for more space, the last thing you want is for the purchase to be derailed due to money—or a lack thereof.

That’s where seller concessions come into play. These concessions can help homebuyers, especially first-timers who may not realize all the costs associated with buying a home beyond the purchase price.

In fact, if a home seller is willing, part of a buyer’s closing costs could be paid as a way to save the buyer money and speed up the sale. Closing costs include some of the final payments buyers have to make before the home becomes theirs. Not only can closing costs take prospective buyers by surprise, but they may also hamper a buyer’s ability to come up with...

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

A mortgage is likely the largest debt you will ever have to repay. The idea of having a mortgage hanging over your head for up to 30 years can feel daunting. With some sacrifices and discipline, you might be able to pay off your loan years ahead of schedule.

Make Extra Payments
Some mortgage lenders allow borrowers to make extra payments to repay their loans earlier. Some financial institutions accept additional payments at any time, while some don’t accept extra payments at all, only accept them at specific times or charge penalties. Check with your lender.

If your financial institution will allow you to make extra payments, you could erase years from your repayment period. You can make an extra payment if you have additional funds from a bonus or the sale of property. If you mail...

When and How to Negotiate the Price of Your New Home

You might be able to purchase the house of your dreams for less than the asking price. If the owner is in a hurry to move or the house has been on the market for months and you are the first person to make an offer, the seller might be willing to shave thousands of dollars off the price or to make concessions in other areas to sweeten the deal.

When to Offer a Lower Price
An owner who has to move by a specific deadline is motivated to sell. Someone who is moving for a new job will want to wrap up the process of selling the house in time to relocate and start over. If the deadline is fast approaching, the owner may be willing to cut a deal. You can ask the real estate agent why the owner is selling the house, but he or she may not be able to tell you.

How to Negotiate